Season 1, Episode 1: Teach English Abroad – David Young

Moving to a new country to teach English can seem exciting to some and scary to others. But for those who have done it and continue to do it, a whole new world of opportunity and fulfillment has been discovered.

On this episode of the Do This With Your Life Podcast, we speak with David Young about his experience of leaving his native Britain for new horizons, eventually settling down in Prague, the Czech Republic as an English teacher and later as the Course Director for Oxford TEFL, a well-known teacher training school in Prague.

If you have an interest in teaching English abroad or would like to know more about the lifestyle of someone who does teach English abroad, then you’ll not want to miss this episode of Do This With Your Life.

Teach English Abroad – David Young – Highlights:

– What was David’s life like in the UK when he was younger?
– Why did David decide to leave the UK?
– What are David’s thoughts on the qualities that make a good teacher?
– How did David get into teaching English?
– Can anyone develop the skills required to be a good teacher?
– Funny teacher-trainee stories and fixable teacher-trainee problems
– How did David get involved with Oxford TEFL and become a more ‘serious’ teacher?
– Where in the world is it lucrative to teach English?
– What is it like to take the Oxford TEFL course?
– What are David’s thoughts on the current and future role of artificial intelligence in teaching?
– David’s thoughts on grammar in teaching English
– David’s experience with young learners and the lessons he learned
– What do you need to know before you apply for the Oxford TEFL course?
– Does Oxford TEFL help you get a teaching job after the course is finished?
– David’s final thoughts on his life as a teacher

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