Season 1, Episode 11: Visualize Your Passion – Fonseca Porras

‘You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.’ – Steve Jobs

What is required in order to be successful at something? No matter the venture, you’re going to need passion. If you really want to be successful, then a healthy dose of obsession won’t hurt either. Without passion, your venture is just a hobby. With passion, your venture can turn your life into something others can’t help but admire. Don’t believe me? Just ask the co-founder of the successful YouTube Spanish and English political commentary channel, VisualPolitik. Currently boasting over 1 million subscribers and rising, VisualPolitik’s formula for success isn’t solely based on hard work or a little bit of luck, although these are necessary ingredients. At the core of VisualPolitik’s success is an intense love for politics and creating high-quality video content for viewers. Without passion, great success simply isn’t possible.

On this episode of ‘Do This With Your Life’, we speak with Fonseca Porras, co-founder of VisualPolitik and someone who is obsessed with what he does. Fonseca shows us how being really successful requires passion, and in Fonseca’s case, obsession. Fonseca eats, sleeps, and breathes politics, but his other long-time loves of video-making and art have also played a pronounced role in the creation and success of VisualPolitik.

On the show, Fonseca talks about his upbringing in Valladolid, Spain, and how he became immersed in art, video-making, and later on at his university, politics. Throughout the show, Fonseca provides examples of how his interests shaped his life and has now brought him to a point where he can do what he really loves full-time. Fonseca also shares his thoughts on different political situations in Europe, the US, and elsewhere in the world and why people should care more about politics.

Even if you’re not a fan of politics, this episode of ‘Do This With Your Life’ can inspire you to identify or re-discover those characteristics and passions that will point you in the right direction, so be sure to watch or listen and please subscribe to our YouTube channel, SoundCloud channel, or Facebook page.

Highlights – Visualize Your Passion – Fonseca Porras:

– Fonseca’s background and early love of art and video-making
– The impact of Fonseca’s university philosophy teacher
– Fonseca’s participation in politics as a student
– What does ‘Conservative’ mean in Spain?
– Fonseca’s ideas about biases
– What are the aims of VisualPolitik?
– VisualPolitik’s beginnings and its first viral video
– Where do VisualPolitiks’ viewers come from?
– What ‘being passionate’ means to Fonseca
– Why do politics matter?
– The importance of being informed and following trends
– How Fonseca’s love of art, video-making, and politics all came together
– Fonseca’s advice for discovering your passion and being successful
– How Fonseca’s early bullying in school led him to action later in life
– Fonseca’s opinion on the political situation in the United States
– Fonseca’s opinions on the political situation in Europe and the EU
– Fonseca explains the situation with Catalonia
– Fonseca’s book and an analysis of Marxism
– Fonseca’s parting words about being yourself to be successful

More info:

– VisualPolitik (Spanish) YouTube Channel

– VisualPolitik (English) YouTube Channel

– VisualPolitik on Facebook

– Fonseca’s book (Spanish):

– Valladolid, Spain

– Catalonia separatist situation


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