Season 1, Episode 12: Create Your Life Story – Rob Perelman

How should we live our own lives? Is there some ultimate goal of life? What does it mean to have a ‘full’ life? These are questions that the ancients pondered and questions that we still grapple with today. For some, the answers to life’s most difficult questions seem pretty clear.

On this episode of ‘Do This With Your Life,’ we speak with Rob Perelman, who has lived an extraordinary life during his 40 years on this Earth and who has accumulated enough amazing stories to keep you entertained for weeks.

From starting Blink 182’s first official website and going on tour with the band to being the head tour manager for Yellowcard to winning a major poker tournament in Las Vegas to winning an Emmy Award to being on the News multiple times for multiple different reasons to traveling around the world, Rob Perelman has numerous incredible experiences under his belt and is here to tell us his tales.

Whether you’re looking for a good story to pass the time or you’re interested in learning how Rob has lived such an extraordinary life in such a short amount of time and how you can do the same, this is one episode you need to listen to.

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Highlights – Create Your Life Story – Rob Perelman:

– How music affected Rob’s life early on in San Diego, California
– Rob’s early 1990’s music website
– How Rob got involved with Blink 182 and made the band’s first official website
– Rob’s tour stories with Blink 182, Fenix TX, Yellowcard, The Format, and other bands
– How Rob started playing poker professionally and working for Poker TV
– Rob’s big Las Vegas poker tournament win
– Rob’s love affair with Europe after his big poker tournament win
– Rob’s Emmy Award
– Rob’s personality and views on luck
– Advice for bands trying to succeed
– Rob’s reflection on his Blink 182 days
– What Rob has learned from traveling
– The downsides of traveling so much
– How the 2008 financial crisis affected Rob
– Why Rob has been on the News so many times
– Why Rob is an Uber driver and Rob’s view of life

More info:

Blink 182 – Dammit

Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue

Rob’s Vegas Poker Tournament Win

Rob on the News


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